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November 4, 2022 1 Comment

How Will I Get Fit & Strong(er)?

I get a lot of fitness questions and occasionally its questions I have a quick answer to.

Questions like “how do you help someone get more fit?”

It starts with an uncomplicated physical assessment.

Do you have pain?

Do you have pain with movement?

Do you have injuries? Chronic or acute?

Not everyone shows up super fit like my client Jim Rodgers pictured here.

We start S L O W L Y with nearly everyone and then build from there.

We usually warm up by pulling/pushing this “tank”. Some clients love it & some hate it but it works and it’s SAFE.

Yes, we do “curls for the girls”. I especially love hammer curls (pictured here).

Another common exercise that is frequently thrown in to almost everyone’s program are Goblet Squats or Slam Ball Squats (50lb ball pictured above).

If you just starting on your fitness journey, or restarting, start SLOWLY so you don’t get hurt.

Don’t forget to factor in your “training age” and injury history.

Have fun! People often forget that getting fit can be fun. It doesn’t have to be all pain.

Need professional help?

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