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December 11, 2022 0 Comments

Hip (video) Mobility and Squatting

A BIG part of the warm up that I have nearly all clients practice are hip mobility exercises.

Joint by Joint Concepts

Mobile vs Stable

Most people don’t walk or squat with hips below the knee’s enough.

A lot of people do it with some form of pain while attempting to move butt below parallel.

As you can see in this short video by Dr Kelly Starrett of spending time in this position can help your hip function as well as overall mobility.

If getting on the ground like “K.Starr”, it’s what he refers to himself as, is painful or difficult then start with some of these drills shown below (in the Tweets).

Hold on to something if balance is a problem.

Do it often.

Daily is certainly possible.

Eric Potter @BeEliteDaily shares some AWESOME easy to do hip mobility exercises that nearly anyone can perform.

Take a look ??

Outside? Do this simple hip opener as a part of your warm up ??

I hope this helps you move better and experience less (lower back) pain IF you do suffer from it.

Stay Strong(er)!

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